Monday, April 2, 2012

Greetings from.....

Sorry for being away for so long (is it really almost a month?)  An unhealthy level of insanity at the job which supports my writing habit and a lack of interesting things to say have kept me on the blogging sidelines.  A few notes this week, though.
As of this morning I had 81 people entered in the drawing to win one of 4 copies of Treos Dilemma on  That surprised the hell out of me, because that's 81 more people than I expected!  I'm so happy about the turnout that I've decided to make them autographed copies.  The drawing goes off on April 15, so if you haven't entered yet, please do!
I've been selling copies of the other two books by hand through very limited word of mouth lately, and I've gotten some pretty nice feedback on them.  I've been told more than once that "I don't usually read science fiction, but I liked your book."  And to me, that's a pretty nice compliment.
And finally, I'm still having trouble getting my head around this myself, but I just got finished doing my first interview as an author!  It was with a blogger named Patti Roberts, and as soon as she sends me the exact link, I'll be sure to get it posted.  I tried to be funny, without coming off like too much of an ass.  I hope I succeeded.
Until next time....

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