Thursday, March 8, 2012

All a-Twitter

Hi again!

There have been a few developments since I wrote in last.  I had jury duty last week, so I didn't even get a chance to write anything towards Book 4, which I'm happy to say I was well into before I had to go to court.  Jury Duty was an experience, let me tell you.  I actually got picked for a jury in a criminal case, and I think it's better for everyone if I leave the description right there.  I may use some of the details in a book someday, or maybe not.  But suffice it to say that it was an interesting week.  After a week in court, I'm actually glad to be back at the railyard.
As far as things around here, you may be happy to see that I've redecorated the blog a bit.  I found a template online that looked interesting, and tweaked it a little to suit.  Knowing just enough code to be dangerous, of course, I was able to finagle a link to my website on the blog too.  This way you can check out the website as well.  I intend to work that up a bit as well.
I entered the Amazon Breakthrough novel contest right before one of my last postings.  That didn't go very well.  The Treos Dilemma didn't even survive the first round, I'm sorry to say.  But if there's any good news that came out of it, it's that I most likely got thrown out because I messed up on the entry.  You apparently weren't supposed to put the author's name on any of the files that made up the entry, and I forgot to take my name off of the book file that I uploaded.  I have to remember next year to get some SLEEP before I try to enter the contest.  In the meantime, there are plenty more contests to enter!
Which brings me to another point.  For once, I have a contest for YOU.  There's a website called Dream (  It's a reader website that is just starting out, and to get new authors' work out there, they run book giveaways every couple of weeks.  The owner of the site reached out to yours truly, and starting this week, you can enter to win one of 4 copies of Treos Dilemma, which is a featured book.  The link is  The contest has only been open for two days, and there are already a dozen people entered.  The contest ends on April 15, so take a chance!  You might win a great book to read while you're waiting for your tax refund.
And finally, I let Michele talk me into starting a Twitter account.  I didn't really see the need for it, but likes their members to use Twitter so they can talk about the books they get through the site with the people who "follow" them.  If anyone is interested, my handle is @AuthorWmLavell!/AuthorWmLavell.  I've started following a few celebrities that I check on when I have the time, and it's interesting what some of them have to say.  And unlike Facebook, I actually post on there once in a while.
Okay... I feel like I'm starting to yammer, so I'll close.
Until next time


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