Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just to get their attention.....

I love my wife.
Michele works as a medical assistant instructor at a tech school in the next town.  One of her students is handicapped with a prosthetic leg.  Class was on a break one day, and Michele's student went out for lunch.  Michele went out in front of the building for a smoke when a student from another class parked her car in the handicapped spot that her student had just pulled out of.  She didn't have handicapped plates or hang a tag, so Michele asked her if she had one.  The student responded "Yeah," and breezed past her into the building.
When Michele's student came back from the store, there were no more handicapped spaces open, so she had to park out in the lot.  Michele's truck was in a spot near the building, which she offered to her student, but she wouldn't take it.  Michele was annoyed about the whole situation, but held her temper (which is impressive, if you know her).
This same person did the same thing again last night, but this time, my wife decided to be an advocate and do something about it.  She approached her student, and asked to borrow her leg (yes, you read that last sentence right.  She asked to borrow the woman's leg).  After giving her a strange look and hearing what she planned to do with it, the woman reached down and promptly removed the leg (I kid you not).  So Michele then the leg down the hall to the other classroom (I never thought I'd ever write that sentence).  She tells the teacher of the class what happened, and the teacher agreed with her that the student needed talking to.  When she saw the leg in her hand (something else I never thought I'd write), she knew what my wife had in mind and agreed with that too.  In fact, she offered to take the leg and do it for her (gotta love teachers, lol).
Michele went into the classroom and set the leg on the desk in front of her, and at that point, you could have heard a pin drop.  She asked who had parked in the handicapped spot, and when the student fessed up, she announced, "This is my student's leg.  She has a handicapped placard and needs to park in the handicapped spot in front of the building.  If you don't have handicapped plates or a handicapped placard, please don't park in the handicapped spot.  Thank you."
With that, she picked up the leg and marched it back to her student.
Of course on the next break, someone from the class had to approach Michele and tell her that she was offended by the way she handled the situation.  Her response?  "My mother in-law is disabled, my parents are disabled, and I'M offended that someone who doesn't have a handicapped placard would park in a handicapped spot when there are people here who need them."  She also reminded the student that she could have just called the police and gotten her car ticketed.  This was cheaper, and visual aids make a great point. 
Did I mention that I love my wife?


  1. I personally would have called the police, but Michele's approach was definitely much more creative!

  2. I LOVE HER!!!!! I laughed so hard because I could visualize her doing it!!!!!