Friday, December 30, 2011


Hi again!  I hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.  I enjoyed the part that I wasn't working for (I worked daylight Christmas eve and 2nd shift Christmas day.  Yay...).  Santa was good to me, and I enjoyed the time I was home for all it was worth.
The new year is coming in just two days, and it already looks like 2012 is going to have an interesting start for me.  I just found out that The Augustine Agenda has gotten Honorable Mention for science fiction at the 2012 New England Book Festival!  An Honorable Mention.  For my first book.  How cool is that?!  It just makes me that much more excited about finishing up the new story I'm working on. 
I don't have much else for right now, except to wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year for 2012. 

Write on!

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